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Fight against Online Censorship

Free Social Media

We call on FB, Google, YouTube, and Twitter to NOT censor any language online – unless it is a call for violence!

Support the right to criticize

We believe that criticizing the threat of Islamic Terror online is 100% legitimate!

Free Laws

We call on lawmakers from all parties to unite in order to guard our right to free speech online!

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We are a fast-growing, grassroots, international movement that uses social media, short video updates, petitions and PR to fight those who are silencing legitimate opinions online.

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Join Us in demanding that lawmakers and Social Media companies Protect Our Free Speech Online!

“Fascism does not own this university.  There are students who do want to hear differing views, who don’t want to be told that they can only hear one view.”  

Ben Shapiro speaking at the University of Berkeley 

“It is not only happening in Universities.  It is happening on Youtube, Facebook, everywhere… We put out videos that a 10 year old  could watch, and they have been restricted.” 

Dennis Prager speaking on CRTV

Join us now. It will only get worse if we don’t take a stand!

“Free speech for me but not for thee is the beginning of the road to tyranny.”

Alan Dersowitz speaking at Tel-Aviv University

Online Censorship Watch

Senior Google Programmer fired for expressing his opinions

James Damore

Dozens of Videos Defunded on YouTube

Prager University

Twitter shut down Ad that was Pro-Life

Tennessee Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn

YouTube Account Deleted numerous times


YouTube Videos Deleted

Paul Watson

Tens of YouTube Videos defunded

Dave Rubin

Protect Free Speech on Google, YouTube and Twitter